• Shipping & Delivery
  • Do you offer delivery within the U.K?
    Yes, we have a wide range of balloon hampers that can be delivered anywhere in the UK!
  • Returns & Refunds
  • What is your returns policy?
    Due to the personalised nature of this item unfortunately we are unable to accept returns.
  • Products
  • How long does the balloon stay inflated?
    The balloons can stay inflated for up to 5 + days, but this is subject to temperature and sun exposure and cannot be guaranteed. All balloons are sprayed with balloon shine, but they will cloud over time depending on the environment and care they receive. We recommend that you keep your balloon away from direct sunlight, as this can cause it to cloud over.
  • Can I add my own gifts inside?
    Absolutely, if you go to the website's 'Add Your Own Gift' section. This option is only available for local pickup from our London headquarters. If you intend to include your gift in a stuffed balloon, keep in mind that it must be able to be manipulated through a 12cm diameter space and that there will be a weight restriction. You must send or drop off at our headquarters.
  • Does the balloon come inflated?
    Yes, indeed! All of our balloons will arrive fully inflated, exactly as shown in the image.
  • Can you do a large quantity of balloons for an event?
    Yes, please send an email with all necessary information and we will get back to you.
  • General Information
  • Do you send a receipt in box?
    Since the majority of the time we send the balloons directly to gift recipient, we do not include a receipt inside shipping box. You will be emailed a confirmation.
  • What happens if my balloon pops in transit?
    We spent a long time perfecting our packaging and courier service to ensure our balloons arrived safely. We only use the best qualatex balloons, but they have a very low failure rate. Thoughtfully Stuffed accepts no responsibility for any damage to the contents of a postal/courier service delivery if it arrives damaged. Postal deliveries shall be carried out solely at the customer's own risk, and refund and/or compensation requests shall be declined.
  • I can’t find the answer to my question?
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@thoughtfullystuffed.com and we will do our very best to help you!