About Us

We started Thoughtfully Stuffed with the intention of bringing something new to the stuffed balloon trend. Over time we realised that people wanted more than just confetti and feathers in their balloons; they wanted gift items in the balloons for that extra wow. We wanted to create something that would blow your loved ones away.

What if Thoughtfully Stuffed could offer a unique, personalised gift-giving solution?

It offered a concept that was more thoughtful than a gift bag and more sophisticated than wrapping paper. It was also sophisticated enough to work for Mother’s Day, Weddings, and Baby Showers , as well as kids parties. And that is how Thoughtfully Stuffed in its current form was born.

We’ve now partnered with emerging UK small businesses to create one-of-a-kind gift options that will create a POP of happiness.

Thoughtfully Stuffed is all about:

Bespoke balloon with personalised lettering and message
The oohs and ahhs of people admiring their new gift
The satisfying pop of loved ones opening their present
The warm glow of seeing the smile on the face of your hardest to please family members

We believe that giving a gift is not a duty; it is an experience, an act of love. It shows the people around you that you are thinking of them and want to bring them joy.

For gift-giving with a BANG, browse our store.

Warmest regards